Comet Pojmanski (C2006/A1) - March, 2006


Finder Map - March 6th thru March 13th

Photos below taken during March of 2006 from Storm Mountain near
Drake, Colorado unless otherwise noted.

40 28.17' N  105 19.824' W - 7014' Elevation

 All Images 2006 Darrell E. Spangler

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March 1st, 2006

Exposure: 90Sec, f/3.5, 400 ISO

March 4th, 2006

Exposure: 20Sec, f/1.8, 1600 ISO

March 5th, 2006 (Rocky Mountain National Park) Exposure: 2min, f/3.5, 400 ISO

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  All Images 2006 Darrell E. Spangler