Scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park

August, 2006

Below are photos of the spectacular scenery in Rocky Mountain National Park. All
of these photos were taken on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006.

All Photos 2006 Darrell E. Spangler

(Click on images for full size view)

Marsh area above Adam's Falls Bridget and Johnny along Colorado River headwaters in Kawuneeche Valley
Kawuneeche Valley in Rocky Mountain Natonal Park Bridget and Johnny playing with chipmunks at Rainbow Curve on Trail Ridge Road
Early morning two miles above sea level View from Rainbow Curve down onto valley below
A mother Elk and her fawn grazing on the tundra The Crater area just after sunrise
Gorge Lakes at sunrise Crags along Train Ridge Road
Fog rising from Kawaneeche Valley just after sunrise Never Summer Mountains
Headwaters of the Colorado River Bridget, Johnny and Darrell on the Continental Divide
Extensive damage to trees from Pine Bark Beatles Bridget, Darrell and Johnny on cliff overlooking Adam.s Falls
Adam's Falls (Note people on top for size comparison) Adam's Falls
One of many fields of wildflowers on the western side of the divide Trail Ridge Road with 14, 256'  Long's Peak in background
The Crater at dawn Elk relaxing on tundra ridge above timberline

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